- Currently the two eBGP links between AS100 and AS200 have average INBOUND load at 65% and 20% respectively.
- Traffic to accounts for 45%, traffic to and to ech account for 20% INBOUND load.
- Influence how AS200 send traffic to AS100 (eBGP configuration in AS100 to influence AS200 to use eBGP links more evenly) 
- The BGP attributes are currently set at their default values in both ASs.

The neighbor sending the 65% inbound load needs to be dropped down by 20%, and the neighbor with 20% load needs to be increased by 20%. Hosts attempting to reach or are preferring the 65% load path through network 192.168.20.x instead of the 20% load path through network 192.168.30.x. So you need to tell the hosts that the cost to reach this path is higher through the 65% link then over the 20% link.